Hydro excavation is the science of digging with water. 20140321_110436

he_gallery2[1]Hydro excavation as well as vaccum excavation are  the science of digging with water. Our self-contained trucks dig with water pressurized up to 3000 PSI, delivered through a steel lance and small stationary or rotating nozzles. We then vacuum the resulting water and soil slurry through a  vacuum line into a debris tank. That debris tank is dumped 1-2 times per day as required by soil conditions.

Our excavations are clean, precise and ready for inspection or whatever further work is required, and our operators are thoroughly safety-trained and certified. We expose buried pipeline, phone lines, fiber optics – and anything else located up to 15 feet  to 20 feet underground – quickly, safely, and without damaging any expensive or hazardous infrastructure. We do potholing, slot trenching, or whatever non-destructive excavation services are needed – We can also dig up to 100 feet away from our truck if need be.

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